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Gestalt Portrait

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Here is my Gestalt Portrait made from miniature dice.



When thinking about the creation of this image I had in mind a face, but more of a skull type face instead of a happy face. I chose the dice mainly because they were the only miniture object around the house that I had many of. Now that I think about it however, I like the symbol that they represent. Dice to me symbolise chance, gambling, luck and fun. To create a gestalt portrait out of them to me suggests a character that is chancy, perhaps frivolous, flighty, jokey and risk taking. I like the cheeky smile on the characters face, almost suggesting a little ‘ooh!’, like something naughty as just happened, or they’re thrilled by some little surprise. I enjoyed the process of creating this image, and wished I had of had different coloured dice to fill in the eyes and the mouth.


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